Support Services

Support Services Administrator: Cheryl Baptiste

Contact: 780-585-3741 Ext.271

ECN Support Services Application Form:

Please ensure you have all of the proper documentation and fill out the applications completely. Incomplete applications will be screened out.

Support Services Program Guidelines:

Support Services Program is limited to Ermineskin Tribal members.

  • Income Support & AISH applicants will not be granted an appointment for Support Services Program Assistance until after the 15th of each month.
  • If residing off reserve, proof of residency is REQUIRED.
    • Rental agreement with band members' name on it
  • Contact name and number for the landlord to verify residency.
    • Current utility bill with band member name on it
  • Emergency Food Assistance
    • Purchase orders are issued unless the member resides off reserve. Proof of residency is required.
    • Utility Assistance
      • Utility Bill must be Disconnection, Pending Disconnection, or an Urgent Notice.
      • ABSOLUTELY no bills will be paid without the above notices
      • All payments will be made directly to the Utility Company.
    • Rent Assistance
    • Landlords' contact name and number must be provided to verify residency.
    • All payments will be made directly to the renting agency or landlord.
  • Emergency Travel Assistance is provided for family members to provide compassionate support to other Ermineskin family members in the hospital.
    • Name and hospital where the family member is must be provided for verification.
  • Disable Assistance is provided for medical supplies or prescriptions not covered by AANDC.
    • For dependent children, the child must be under 1 year of age if not registered with Ermineskin Membership.
    • Support Services Program will not assist with Narcotics or any questionable medical prescription.
    • Assistance for Dental and Optical is made available to Elders and Special Needs only.
  • Feasts, Memorials, Sundance’s, or Sweats.
    • These are considered self-sacrificial, which is the giving up of one’s own interests or wishes to help others or themselves.
    • It is expected of the member to prepare for such ceremonies, especially if the ceremony is yearly.
  • Visits to medical doctors or specialists.


1. How do I apply for Support Services?
Online/mobile: Complete an application at the link - Paper: hard copies are available at Maskwacis Fas Gas, Maskwacis Canada Post & Ermineskin Band Office. Phone: Telephone applications available for Elders & Neuro-diverse Ermineskin Cree Nation (ECN) members.
2. What programs do you help with?
We have six programs providing assistance for all Adult Ermineskin band members: Emergency Food, Rent Assistance/Damage Deposit, Emergency Travel, Utility Payments, Disable, and Emergency Medical Travel
3. How much am I eligible for in Benefits?
The total maximum assistance for any program is $200.00 per fiscal year. One request per application.
4. What is the fiscal year, how is this different than the calendar year?
Our current fiscal year runs April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. Our calendar year is January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. On April 1, 2023 begins a new fiscal year.
5. What vendors do you use for grocery Purchase Orders (PO)? Do I have a choice in the vendor?
We use Lucky Dollar in Samson and No Frills in Wetaskiwin. Yes, when requesting a PO state whether you prefer Lucky Dollar or No Frills.
6. What days are you in-office (Ermineskin band office)?
Starting April 11th, 2022 our hours of operation will return to Monday to Friday (every second Friday off), 8:30am - 4:30pm
7. I can’t remember when I last applied, what is my eligibility amount?
Support Services has a confidential data base with current eligibility amounts for all adult ECN clients. Our programs are limited to $200.00 TOTAL per fiscal year. Example: Jane Smith band # 123.01 received Food Assistance @ $100.00 on January 1, 2021. Jane’s remaining eligibility amount is one hundred dollars: $200.00 - $100.00 = $100.00.
8. How will my application be assessed?
After a file review, we take into consideration your needs & resources, using policy the Support Services Administrator determines an eligibility amount. All Adult Ermineskin band members are eligible to apply for $200.00 each fiscal year. Priority is given to Elders, AISH clients, off-reserve ECN members & unemployed clients.
9. How do I apply for Rent or Utility assistance?
After completing an application, clients MUST submit their required documents for further processing: Rental/Lease Agreement, Utility bill. Rent & Utility Assistance is paid directly to the landlord / utility provider via cheque. Clients have a choice between picking up their benefit from Finance or having the benefit mailed out. Example: Joe Smith band #123.04 requested rent assistance on February 1, 2021; his monthly rent amount is $1400.00. To receive the maximum benefit ($200.00) Joe emailed his Rental/Lease Agreement immediately after completing his application through the online link. Joe’s received $200.00 in rent assistance, which was mailed to his landlord in Wetaskiwin. Joe Smith is responsible for the remaining rental amount of twelve hundred dollars: $1400.00-$200.00 = $1200.00 Joe’s responsibility.
10. Why was my application denied?
Support services is a non-profit organization providing limited assistance to all adult ECN band members, it is NOT to encourage dependency; each application is carefully considered and follows policy rates for benefit distribution. Community agency referrals are completed once an individual accesses the maximum benefit amount of $200.00. Each situation is unique, denied individuals may not have completed their application fully or submitted the required documents. It is possible, the request may not fit policy or the individual has maxed out their benefit amount.
11. When will I receive my benefit?
A phone application takes minutes to complete, the Support Services Administrator will inform you of your eligibility amount and may request documentation for further processing. Once all documents have been completed and submitted, it is sent to senior management for review before submitting to our Finance Department. The entire process takes 1-2 business days, please DO NOT apply Thursday at 3pm and expect a benefit cheque by 4pm.
12. What is your contact information?
Available through phone: Toll-free # 1-866-585-3941 EXT 268. Email:

Hard copies are available at Maskwacis Fas Gas, Maskwacis Canada Post, and the ECN Administaion Building