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The department serves to be actively involved in providing support and advocacy to those Ermineskin Member parents and children that have involvement with Delegated First Nation Authorities (DFNA) or Child and Family Services (CFS). This would be at all levels of involvement from Intake to Permanent Guardianship. We advocate for least intrusive measures for our families that have involvement and request for parents and family support to be brought in sooner. We also advocate and support children going home to parent(s) and we also search for family for placement options.

The department will continue to maintain positive, collaborative, working relationships with DFNA’s and CFS to improve services to Ermineskin children in care. We provide consultation to DFNA/CFS staff to assist with planning to ensure that the children in care are being connected to parents, family, culture, traditions, spirituality, and language. We assist with brief prevention services to parents that have DFNA/CFS involvement and to those children in care. We advocate, support, and connect parents to resources, and Legal Services available to help them through the court process such as Legal Aid, Duty Counsel, Native Counselling Services. We can also assist children and youth with mentorship, one to one work, connection to resources and programs available.

Chrystal Hill MSW.RSW:

Chrystal has joined Kanawemahwasowin Kamik (KMK) as the Research Consultant and has since lead the team and work in a progressive direction where Ermineskin will exercise inherent and jurisdictional right on how our ECN children and families are supported. Chrystal brings with her 20 years of direct experience in the social work profession and of that 16 years within Children's Services. Having worked a robust practice within Children's Services; she comes with a diverse knowledge of such a system. Chrystal is currently completing her PhD in Social Work. She graduated from University of Victoria with an Advanced Graduate Degree in Social Work and also has a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Calgary. Chrystal is passionate about Indigenous social rights, creating opportunity for greater success for our children, youth and families and empowers a team to be innovative all while compassionate.

Tennille Makinaw BSW.RSW First Nation Designate:

Tennille has joined Kanawemahwasowin Kamik (KMK) as the First Nation Designate. Tennille brings with her several years' experience in the social work profession. To compliment her social work practice she also brings with her experience in the education field. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary. She is currently a registered social worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers. Tennille has a strong belief in the direction that KMK is taking in terms of how services are delivered to our Nation citizens. She makes note that it is about creating strength and hope based practices for ECN children and families. Tennille also shares that she is excited to be building working relationships with our Nation members and agencies; that foster better outcomes for our children and their families.

Ruby Potts B.Comm Prevention Program Specialist:

Ruby has joined Kanawemahwasowin Kamik (KMK) as the Prevention Program Specialist. Ruby brings with her a diverse professional experience with the most recent within the Human Services area. With that, to compliment her professional experience; her most recent role with Native Counselling Services of Alberta empowered her to exercise strong advocacy for those she worked with; often involved with Child and Youth matters. Ruby also brings with her strong program management and leadership to the program and to the team. Ruby has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta. She shares her empathetic and compassion nature only motivate her to work hard for the greatest outcomes for our ECN citizens. Ruby is a proud Cree speaker.

Tanya Cutarm BSW Social Systems Navigator Program Specialist

Tanya has joined Kanawemahwasowin Kamik (KMK) as the Social Systems Navigator Program Specialist. Tanya brings with her 10 years of direct experience within the social work profession. With that, she has completed several training opportunities that compliment her current social work practice. Tanya has a great appreciation for our Nehiyaw knowledge and practices as it aligns with how she lives her life. She is committed to her social work practice that addresses the challenges and opportunities for our ECN citizens. She is excited to be working in her community and with her people.