National Child Benefit Reinvestment Program (NCB)

National Child Benefit Reinvestment Program (NCB)


Coordinator:                DeAnne Lightning

Location:                     Ermineskin Food Bank, East end of “NEP” building (across from TradeCenter)

Address:                      PO Box 219, Maskwacis, AB, T0C 1N0

Phone:                         780-585-2660 (direct) or

                                    780-585-2377 (Ermineskin Food Bank)

Fax:                             780-585-2662


The National Child Benefit Reinvestment Project is a joint initiative administered by the federal government, in conjunction with Canada’s provincial territorial and First Nation governments

Provinces, territories and First Nations adjust their income assistance to obtain savings, which are then reinvested into community projects that address issues like child poverty and parental unemployment.

The NCBR Initiative gives First Nation communities resources to design, implement and support projects to improve the lives of low-income families with children.  This allows First Nations to tailor the projects to the needs of their individual communities while adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Federal Government and enforced by AANDC.

The NCBR Initiative is a proposal based program.  Proposals are submitted by the NCBR Coordinator, pending approval by Chief and Council, once per annum to AANDC for final approval.  Once approved, the projects cannot be altered, nor can funds be reallocated to other projects.



  • To prevent and reduce the depth of child poverty.
  • To provide incentives to work by ensuring that low-income families with children will always be better off as a result of working
  • To reduce the overlap and duplication of services through simplifying the administration of benefits for children.



All NCBR projects must provide support in at least on of the following categories:

  • Childcare
  • Child Nutrition
  • Support for Parents
  • Home-To-Work Transition
  • Cultural Enrichment

Ineligible Projects

The following types of projects are not eligible under the NCBR Initiative:

  • Personal Cultural Activities (wakes, tea dances, feasts, coming of age ceremonies)
  • Recreational Activities (such as attending sports events)
  • Initiatives not targeted to low-income families with children
  • Housing
  • Direct financial subsidies to parents
  • Capital and infrastructure
  • Repayment of personal or community debts
  • Securities or other for-profit initiatives
  • Clothing

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