Membership Staff:
Manager: Karmen Cutarm
Registrar: Monica Littlechild
Researcher: Rhea Simon


The Ermineskin Membership Division is part of the Tribal Services of the Band.
The program serves its membership in the capacity of birth registration,
deaths, transfers, marriages, and presentations of the same nature to
Ermineskin Chief and Council. There is a Membership Committee in place
that works in conjunction with staff and the leadership. The staff of
three provides the various services from Identification to Indian
Registration with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
(CIRNAC, formerly known as INAC) & the Ermineskin Cree nation itself.


1)      To provide and assist first nation members with membership/birth
registrations and/or inquiries pertaining to all events that affect
tribal membership status.

2)      To ensure that all registrations and membership documentation
are complete
before presentations to Chief and Council, and following the next
procedure to mail all respective documentation to Crown-Indigenous
Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC)  in Edmonton.

3)      To educate the people of Ermineskin of the proper procedures
when making applications for membership and the documents needed to
complete the other services the department does for the people of

4)      To keep membership files in order that they are not lost or

5)      To work closely with the Membership Committee and Chief and
Council in maintaining and accordingly amend Membership Codes.

6)      To assist the Tribal Chief and Council in administering the
Membership Laws accordingly.

7)      To assist in educating the general Tribal Membership population
in the acknowledgment and understanding of the Membership Law and its
implications and procedures.

8)      To maintain a complete and up-to-date record of the Ermineskin
Tribal Membership List as directed by the Chief and Council.

9)      To continuously update the Tribal Membership list, the Voter's
list, Population list and all other pertinent information relevant to
Tribal Membership.

10)      To serve the people of Ermineskin issuing Status and Band I.D
cards. Also to serve all registered people with Indian Status Cards.

11)      To provide guidance and recommendations where a Department,
Manager, or        Director encounter problems or concerns related to
membership requests and direct them to the proper department.

12)      To assist the Band Membership with the documents pertaining to
the Age of Majority checks.

13)     To provide seminars and workshops to both the general Tribal
Membership population and the Tribal Chief and Council in further
educating them with the Membership Law, it's procedures and its
implications, when need arises.




    -Birth Certificate Forms
    -Alberta Health Care Forms
    -Social Insurance Forms
    -Tax Exempt Forms
    -Child Tax Benefit Forms
    -Residency/GST Exempt Letters
    -Update of Minor Trust Forms
    -Treaty Annuity Forms (Request for Treaty money)
    -Release of Minor Trust Forms

Tax card forms

Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Development Canada: Status card forms, Applications for Registration under the Indian Act for children & adults.

Child tax benefit forms

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