Main Branches within the Information Technology Department

Client Services

Client Services works with the over 150 employees of the organization to provide hardware and software required to perform their daily tasks.  The additional functions of operating a helpdesk and providing technicians who are able to work with employees at their desks to resolve problems makes this branch the most widely recognized part of the IT Department.  Additionally, Client Services works to implement new tools such as tablets; smartphones; and a mobile device management system to support and manage the initiative of bring your own device - BYOD.

Development Services

Development Services has three principle functions.  Enterprise Application Services works towards the implementation of new technologies designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the community, the government, and changing technology.  Development and Support Services works to enhance and support applications.  Training Services works to ensure organizational staff members have the knowledge necessary to work with the ever-growing tools and technology available to them. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems develops and maintains various types of spatial information and distributes them through the intranet, linking to corporate software, desktop applications, and paper and digital data distribution. Technical Services, Lands, and Oil and Gas are the pioneer departments utilizing GIS systems to perform their routine maintenance work and to provide spatial information to concerned parties. A publicly accessible Internet site is currently being used by multiple departments for their Vehicle Locating services.  A series of information sessions and training opportunities are being set up to ensure that employees have the tools necessary to best utilize this range of services. 

Network Services

Network Services maintains the connectivity of all Neyaskweyahk technical devices, servers to centrally store and maintain all data and applications, ensures the protection of all data and technology through security software and data backups, and is working towards a new means of transferring information through radio and wireless technology.  In addition this branch is responsible for the communications infrastructure allowing employees to communicate with each other, the public, businesses, and other government agencies. 

Technology Advisory Services

Technology Advisory Services works towards the research and development of new technology and the financial and logistic coordination required for maintaining the technology used in operating the different entities in Neyaskweyahk communities.  As well, they are responsible for providing project base IT implementation services for daily operations along with identifying technological trends and risks, and enabling partnerships with community stakeholders. 


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