Ermineskin Council Inauguration Ceremony

Ermineskin Council Inauguration Ceremony
A traditional pipe ceremony and feast was held with Elders; Jack Mackinaw, Marvin Littlechild, Bruce Lee, Muriel Lee, Muriel lee and Lily Roan who honored our four Band Council members with a Inauguration on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at the Ermineskin Jr. Sr. High School Gymnasium.
For the next three year term Cheryl Montour and Ryan Ermineskin are the two new leaders of Ermineskin Cree Nation. Re-elected leaders Dennis Whitebear and Daniel Wildcat will continue their leadership roles with an additional term. Ermineskin elected leadership for our nation were presented Eagle Feather Plaques and sworn in by witnessing Elders Jack Mackinaw for Band Councilor Daniel Wildcat, Marvin Littlechild for Band Councilor Dennis Whitebear, Bruce Lee for Band Councilor Ryan Ermineskin and Lily Roan for Band Councilor Cheryl Montour.
Approximately sixty family and community members supported the Inauguration Ceremony and traditional feast. As well as Chief Randy Ermineskin, and additional council, Anne Wildcat and Colin Wildcat, Daniel Makinaw, as well as MP Bruce Hinkley, Wetaskiwin Mayor, Bill Elliot and Ermineskin Jr. Sr. High School Principal, Keith MacQuarrie and wife.
Currently the leadership is orientating to receive their portfolio assignments and will be determined on Friday, October 14th.

Story by Nicole Johnson-Minde


Maskwacis, AB, Canada