Post Secondary Student Support Program

Welcome to the Post Secondary Student Support Program web-page.  For those who may be interested in applying for funding the following information is provided for you:

Important Information:

Application Procedures:  All students must complete a funding application each year.  Refer to policy excerpt below and the application checklist for required documents.

Application Form: 

The new 2009 application form has been revised and can be downloaded for mail-in.  All downloaded application forms must be signed.  No faxed application forms will be accepted.

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2007-08 P.S.S.S.P. Excerpts (Full copies available by permission)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ermineskin Education Trust Fund is to promote and encourage post secondary education to Ermineskin Tribal Members, and to acknowledge successful completion of individual programs.


To facilitate Neyaskweyahk students' access to educational assistance, the Ermineskin Education Trust Fund on behalf of the Ermineskin Tribe, has assumed control of the Post Secondary Assistance Program and has compiled a set of policies and guidelines entitled “Ermineskin Education Trust Fund Post Secondary Program - Program Policies”.  The context of funding and availability of program funds for each Neyaskweyahk student is subject to the post secondary program policies and procedures.


Each applicant must apply at the Ermineskin Education Trust Fund office, preferably in person, prior to the deadline date for sponsorship.  Each applicant must re-apply annually for continued support.  Original signatures of applicants are required for each new application.

Students may apply to the post-secondary institution of their choice.  Conditional acceptance and final acceptance from a post-secondary institution does not guarantee that financial assistance will automatically be approved.

4.01A Continuing Student must provide in addition to an application form, the following documents on a yearly basis for ongoing sponsorship support:

1.Waiver form for authorization of release of pertinent information from the Post-secondary institution (Can be obtained from E.E.T.F. Post Secondary Coordinator).

2.Confirmation of registration or acceptance letter from the post-secondary institution.

3.Official transcripts from previous year.

a) Students who have returned after a break in studies must submit previous post secondary institute transcripts.

4.Course Schedule

5.Fees Assessment Schedule

4.02A New Applicant in addition to an application form, must forward the following documents for sponsorship support:

1.Attend an annual Information/Educational Planning Conference

2.Acceptance letter from the post-secondary institution.

3.Official transcripts from previous institution(s)

a) High School transcripts and/or

b) Previous post secondary institute attended

4.Course schedule

5.Fees Assessment Schedule

6.Career Investigation Report

7.Two character reference forms

8.Waiver form authorizing the release of pertinent information from post secondary institution (Can be obtained from Post Secondary Coordinator)

9.Photocopy of Treaty Status Card and/or Band Membership Card

10.Proof of guardianship of dependents must be submitted at time of application.  E.E.T.F.  will accept letters from Ermineskin Tribal Membership, Ermineskin Social Services and lawyers.

4.03An application for sponsorship may be filed without an acceptance letter providing that the letter is submitted prior to August 30.  However, all other documents requested must be submitted with the application.

4.04The E.E.T.F. Post Secondary Coordinator will process the application and then, along with the Director, will review and recommend for approval all Ermineskin Tribal students who are eligible for sponsorship support, providing that all eligibility criteria has been met.   All applicants will be informed in writing concerning their status arising out of these decisions.  The time-line to be followed will be one month after deadline date for September Intake and two weeks after spring or summer deadline dates.  A follow-up plan will be enforced for those students who did not qualify for funding.

4.05After the Post Secondary Selections are reviewed and recommended by a committee appointed by the board of trustees.  The committee will consist of E.E.T.F. staff, Post Secondary staff and a neutral committee member.  Prior to the approval stage, the review committee will make recommendations which will then be made to the Board of Trustees of E.E.T.F. for final approval.


A Fall (September) June 15th
B Winter (January) November 15th
C Spring(May-June) March 15th
D Summer(July-August) May 30th

 The Masters programs can be flexible in the following situation:

d)   A masters program that is not beginning in September will follow the closest deadline date as is outlined above.

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