In-School Tutorial Services & Programs - K-12

High School Credit Incentive Program

The High School Credit Incentive Program will be implemented according to the following guidelines:

1.1 The incentive allowance for credit will be distributed as follows:

1.1 a. 

  • $6.00 - 1 credit course - 50% pass mark
  • $20.00 - 3 credit course - 50% pass mark
  • $30.00 - 5 credit course - 50% pass mark

1.2 Matriculated courses will receive the following incentive:

$40.00 - 5 credit course - 60% pass mark

1.3 Students who receive over all 75% will receive an additional $50.00.

1.4 The age - norm to qualify is 19 years of age and under.

1.5 The student must be in a regular high school program.

1.6 In cases of unclaimed High School Credit Incentive retro payment will be calculated at 2 years and based on availability of funds.

1.7 Students who are receiving a monthly living allowance under the Continuing Education Program will not qualify to receive the high school credit incentive.

2.0     After–school Tutorial Program


The Board recognizes the fact that students may, at any time, require supplementary instruction with their academic studies in addition to the instruction which is provided in the classroom.  A tutorial program shall be available to any student requiring the services of a tutor. Objectives To provide access to a tutorial for any Ermineskin Tribal student who may request such a service.

To ensure that any tutor under this program is of professional quality.

Guidelines for Implementation

2.1     Any interested student/parent shall fill in a tutorial application form.

2.2     The student and/or parent have the option of either contracting 

a tutor of their own or using a tutor referred by EETF.

2.3     The location of the tutorial and the time frame in which the tutorial is to take place shall be decided by the student/parent and the tutor.

2.4     The terms of the Tutorial Services Program is to a maximum of 40 hours per school year (Sept. – Aug.).  Any student who doesn’t use the remainder of the 40 hours may use them during the summer.

2.5     The terms of payment are set forth as follows:

2.5.1   A referral by the teacher must be submitted by the parent.

2.5.2   EETF will pay up to a maximum of $20.00 per hour per tutor for private tutoring.  The remaining shall be paid by the student/parent.

Tutorial rate scale:

a.     Gr. 1– 6        30-35 hours        $20.00/hr. effective September 2008

b.     Gr. 7 –12      40 hours             $20.00/hr. effective September 2008 

2.5.3   If more than one student is being tutored at the same time                    

the rate will be based on the following:

a.         Gr. 1-12                                     $25.00/hr

2.5.4     Students attending upgrading programs may qualify for tutorial.   

a.     Adult upgrading       20 hours        $20.00/hr

2.5.5     Any extra costs related to the tutorial will be subjected to the           Coordinator’s approval.

2.5.6     Any parent who utilizes other tutorial programs such as the Sylvan Learning Centre will not be covered.  However, the amount of tutorial hours will be considered and based on the EETF tutorial rate.

2.6     A report from the tutor must be submitted at the end of the tutorial.  

3.0     Youth Workshops 


The workshop or conference that may be considered for sponsorship approval must either be educational or motivational related to the student’s needs.  Workshops or conferences will be sponsored in three ways: 

1.  EETF organized (ie: Dreamcatchers Conference); 

2. Individual request, and 

3. Group request (ie: youth groups).  The following criteria must be met in order to qualify.


3.1     A student must have an 85% attendance rate and good academic performance to qualify for funding.

3.2     The parent or student must apply at least one week prior to engagement of workshop by submitting related documentation.

3.3     The parent must sign a parental consent/release form.

3.4     Both the parent and student must sign a behavorial contract.  Any student who breaches the conditions must write a written report on the request of the coordinator hosting the event.

3.5     When a student is applying for a financial sponsorship workshop/conference the following rates apply, a student can only qualify for one rate:

a. Registration          $150.00 maximum

b. Travel                    $  75.00/day

c.  Meals only            $   35.00/day3.6     

A follow- up written report on the conference/workshop they attended by the organizer.

3.7     The cost of the chaperone will be the responsibility of the group.

3.8     The student qualifies for sponsorship once in Jr. High School and once in High school.

3.9     Any cost related to the use of personal vehicle will not be covered. 

4.0      General Interest AwardEligibility Criteria

To encourage after-school activities, that will promote children and youth to explore areas of interest that might aid in the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and mental development (Ages: 4-17 years old).

4.1     The after-school activity must be from an accredited institution or recognized by EETF.

4.2     Students are allowed to receive a maximum of three awards per year under the following criteria:

a. Summer camps

b. Music

c. Arts

d. Sciences

e. Mental Development

4.3     Parent/student must submit documentation for the award (ie: Certificate of completion).

4.4     The monetary award will be placed in the parent/guardian’s name for students aged 10 years and under.  Students 11 years of age and over will receive a $35.00 monetary award.    

5.0     Children and Youth Awards Night Ceremony


The Board believes that the awards for achievement in school from Kindergarten to Grade twelve are necessary, to encourage and support the educational aspirations of children and parents.


The purpose of the incentive program is to encourage and give recognition to outstanding students in our community.  Achievement in school from K - Gr. 12 shall be defined as excellent attendance, high academics, and other educational related achievements.


The objectives of the incentive program for in-school education are:  

1.   Award students with a 65%-75% GPA and and an award of excellence for 80% + GPA.

2.   To motivate students to maintain good attendance the board will recognize and award students who achieve a 97% or better attendance rate.

3.   To bring awareness to students that good attendance is necessary  for success in their academic studies.       

4.   To recognize the parents or guardians of good attendees..

Awards Criteria  

5.1     Kindergarten

  • Attendance award - 97% or better
  • Perfect attendance
  • Most congenial
  • Most improved

5.2       Grade 1- 6

  • Attendance award - 97% or better
  • Perfect attendance
  • Academic Achievement - 75%
  • Award of Excellence - 80% or better
  • Most Improved

5.3       Grade 7 - 9

  • Attendance Award - 97% or better
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Academic Achievement - 70%
  • Award of Excellence - 80% or better

5.4       Grade 10 - 12

  • Attendance Award - 97% or better
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Academic Achievement - 70%
  • Award of Excellence - 80% or better

An additional recognition will be given to any High School student who receives an 80% plus overall grade point average for the whole year.  This will be issued at the Awards Night Ceremonies.  Awards will be issued as follows:

  • Grade 10 – S100
  • Grade 11 - $200
  • Grade 12 - $300

5.5       Cree Language and Cultural Awards      

Chief Dan Minde Award-(completion of Grade 12)

Certificate of High School Achievement - $375.00.  A minimum of 80 credits are required for a student to attain a Certificate of High School Achievement.  If a student wishes to complete their High School Diploma, the student will receive the balance of $375.00.

High School Diploma - $750.006.0       

School Fees (Textbook rental) Eligibility criteria:

6.1      All Ermineskin Band members whether they are residing On 

or Off-reserve.  

6.2       Cost covered by INAC via individual Bands:

a)         Textbook rentals

b)         School fees

c)         Home Economics-CTS Project (1)

d)         Industrial Arts-CTS Project (1)

e)         Music - Rental fees for musical instruments

f)         Physical Education - Outdoor education

g)         Art

h)         Student union fees

i)          Grad fee expense - Supporting documentation is required.  A grad fee required by the school will be covered, up to a maximum of $50.00 and will be paid to the school.  The student will receive $150.00 to be used at their discretion.  (EETF will not be responsible for the cost of tickets).

j)      Locker rentals and fees for locks are covered if they are compulsory and if no portion of the fee is refundable.

Scientific Calculators

k)     A maximum of $75.00 will be covered by EETF for Scientific calculators, student/parent must submit documentation and quote from the school.  Student/parent will be responsible for remainder of the cost.

Bus Pass

l)       One time emergency bus pass (1 month) per school year.  This applies to off reserve students only.

6.3       Field Trips - Field trip covered once per year if part of curriculum.   

a.     Any field trip that is not part of the curriculum will receive a maximum of $50.00.

EETF will not cover food or accommodation costs.

Prior to excursion, please submit a two - week or more notice for approval into our office.  This request should include a list of the Ermineskin band students participating, a break down of the costs involved, and a copy of the letter sent to the parents.

6.4       Items NOT covered by Ermineskin Education Trust Fund are as follows:

a)         School photos

b)         Yearbooks                               

c)         Running shoes

d)         Charges of lost books (Text or library books)

e)         Lunchroom supervision costs

f)          Rings, grad photos, tickets

g)         Transferring students - Ermineskin Education Trust Fund will not be obligated to provide  funding or textbook rentals and other school fees for  students who change schools during the school year.  Any additional costs associated with changing schools would therefore be the responsibility of the parents. 

h)         Outreach Program - Will not be covered if the school fees have been covered already with the designated school the child attends.  If in the event that the child does cover these fees and passes the course, then EETF will reimburse for those fees.

In review, the main considerations for the provision of textbook rentals and instructional fees are as follows:

6.5       Must be an Ermineskin Band member and fees will be covered should they reside On or Off-reserve.

6.6       The fee is compulsory for all students and is related to instruction.

6.7       No portion of the fee is refundable to the student or parent.

6.8       Field trips are approved in advance of the excursion and do not include costs for food or accommodation.

7.0       School Supply Funding Eligibility Criteria:

7.1       Students who attend Provincial Schools and fall under the jurisdiction of Ermineskin qualify for the School supply funding program.

7.2       The parent must fill out the school supply funding form and submit a confirmation letter from the school ensuring that they are registered to EETF before he/she qualifies for the program.

7.3       The following is a breakdown of what students living off reserve receive for school supply funding for the school year:

7.3.1      Kindergarten   $35.00                        

  • Gr. 1—3                      $50.00                        
  • Gr. 4—6                      $70.00                        
  • Gr. 7—9                      $75.00                        
  • Gr. 10—12                  $50.00 per semester

7.3.2    On reserve students attending provincial schools will receive supplies at EETF.

7.4       Any student/parent who abuses any program in any manner shall forfeit his/her right to apply for funding from any program for a minimum of two years.

7.5       The student/parent must repay EETF the amount that they received from the School supply funding program.

7.6       In the event where a parent/student receives School supply funding and is not enrolled in the school stated on the application and not enrolled in any provincial school prior to September 20th must repay EETF the amount received.  The parent/student must provide EETF with supporting documentation for reason of transfer.

8.0       Student Tours 

8.1       Student must presently be enrolled in a Elementary, Junior, or Senior High School recognized by the EETF Board.

8.2       The student will make application for assistance at the EETF office.

8.3       EETF will take responsibility of paying the following rates (this includes deposits):

  • $0-$500 – 100%
  • $501 - $2999 – 33%
  • $3000 - + - 40%

8.4        The student will be responsible for traveling expenses and spending money.

8.5       A student may apply once in Elementary, once in Jr High and once in Sr High school year.  

8.6       Parent/student must sign a promissory note prior to receiving the sponsored amount.

8.7       In the event where a student does not attend the sponsored student tour, he/she must repay EETF the amount sponsored in full.

9.         Student Support

The purpose of the student support program is to assist high school students in need of financial assistance to attend a post secondary institution.  Consideration will also be made for students needing to take summer school in order to complete their Grade 12 school year.

Eligibility Criteria:

9.1       An application must be made to EETF.

9.2       Documentation must be provided along with the application.

The following costs that the student encounters will be covered as follows:

9.3       Tuition deposit for a post secondary institution—Not to exceed      $250.00.

9.4       Application cost to the post secondary institution. (2 maximum)

9.5       A residence deposit - Not to exceed $500.00.

9.6       A student who requires one course to gain entrance into University may qualify for summer school funding.In the event where a student is accepted into the Post Secondary Student Support Program, the PSSSP will reimburse the In-school Services Program for costs such as Tuition deposit, application costs, and the housing deposit.

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