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Native Hockey Provincials 2018

Just a few highights and pictures of the 2018 Native Provincials

Neyaskweyahk Pool Champ Travels to China

Neyaskweyahk Pool Champ Travels To China
Jerry Allan Young visited Yushan, China for the first time to compete the World 8-Ball Pool Championships from March 6-16, 2017. His impressive skill with the game of pool was acknowledged when he was approached by Paul Potier, a Canadian professional pool player and two-time Canadian nine-ball champion. “I have been playing pool for about 20 -23 years. So I started very young and I believe that I play at a professional level.” Shared Jerry. “My Mosom owned Young Billiards, and my dad played and it naturally just carried on to me.” The Young Billiard Club was located at the Ermineskin Mall over 20 years ago. It included an ar-cade game, billiards and snooker tables.
“I never knew how good I was till I was about 19. I joined a league in Edmonton and it didn’t take me long to make it to the top divisions there. Eventually it led to championship tournaments like the Western Canadian and International Tournaments.”
Visiting China for eight days had Jerry Young compete in 4 matches against some of the top Chinese and International Pool Champions and players in the city of Yushan, China. He was lucky to gain $500.00 with two wins out of the four and finished within the top thirty.
Jerry would like to thank everyone who participated in his fundraiser when he travelled 16 hours straight from Van-couver to China. He thanks his wife and son for all their support. He hopes as part of his Pool Program with the Ermineskin Recreation Center, to give the opportunity he has had throughout his life to participate in “Corner Pocket” Tournaments located in Red Deer. Youth would have a chance to win cash prizes and most of all learn to play with good mentality and practice positive self-confidence. The Ermineskin Recreation Pool Program dates have been changed to Thursdays from 5 – 6 PM. Good luck Jerry and congratulations with travelling to the World 8-Ball Pool Championships in Yushan! -Article by Nicole Johnson-Minde

Come and Learn how to play pool.

For more information contact Kevin Littlechild (780) 585-3088


The Ermineskin Recreation Department provides services for Neyaskweyahk Community Members. It is located in the Jim Rattlesnake Building. We have a brand new weight room located upstairs for Community Members who enjoy weight lifting and Cardiovascular Training. During the Fall/Winter months we usually have Arts/Crafts going as well as, Drumming and Evening Fitness as well. During the Spring/Summer we take registration for Maskwacis Baseball, Evening Fitness Programming and Youth Day Camps throughout the Summer. We encourage the youth to take part in a Healthy Lifestyle and provide a safe environment for them to participate in activities. 

The Recreation Staff:

Manager- Kevin Littlechild

Field Worker/Driver- Tyler Ward

Field Worker/Driver- Natalie Whitebear

Custodian- Larry Mackinaw

 You can reach us at (780)585-3088 fax (780)585-2111. We look forward to hearing from you. Ekosi.