Restorative Justice

Neyaskweyahk Restorative Justice Coordinator – Anne Wildcat

Restorative Justice and Practice is a process that where we use the circle to address crime or conflict.  Within this circle we emphasize the importance of repairing the harm done, keeping wrong-doers accountable for their actions, and work together towards a collective agreement.

Within Ermineskin Cree Nation, we use the circle to assist youth in conflict with the law such as extra-judicial sanction (EJS) or as an intervention if the youth is at high risk.  We also use RJP to assist us in workplace conflict or bringing family members together to collectively decide upon a housing or lands decision.

You are welcome to attend the monthly workshops:

Kisteymowin- Lateral Violence
The Court Process
Rights & Responsibilities- Youth, Family, Traffic court
Poneyihtomowin- Forgiveness Workshop
Responsibility vs Accountability
Restoring Harmony- Restorative Justice & Practices

Mock Circles- This is where community members with Restorative Justice & Practice or Dispute Resolution can come together and practice their circle facilitation skills.  Community members are encouraged to come and participate and observe so you gain a stronger understanding of how a circle is facilitated.

Elder Knowledge Sharing-  These sessions are usually recorded.  We bring together the Elderly and invite them to share a story and/or teaching to the young people on video recorder.  These videos are then made into an IMovie and uploaded to the website

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If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me.

AY Hiy



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