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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 14:43

Nation hits the switch on new solar power

Ermineskin's Solar Power system is officially providing clean energy!

The new installation of the Solar Panel Array north of the Maskwacis Mall will save Ermineskin money and prevent almost 980 tonnes of
greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Indigenous climate leadership program in action, doing what we can to alleviate the effects of
climate change for future generations.
A green energy project which has come to fruition with the collaboration of Ermineskin leadership, NGCI, and the provincial government.

Chief Craig Makinaw- "Our Nation is committed to making the world better for our children and for future generations.
We appreciate the Alberta government's support for green projects in our community. All of us must take action to make a real difference."

“Ermineskin Cree Nation has shown great leadership in taking action to help combat the effects of climate change.
We are proud to support the Nation in their efforts to make life better for their community and for future generations.”
-Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations


The three Treaty 6 Nations and Tsuut’ina Nation from Treaty 7 territory, came together “because a lot of the work that’s going
on (with the federal government) there hasn’t been enough consultation.
That’s what we want,” said —Ermineskin Cree Nation Chief, Craig Mackinaw.

Mackinaw spent the last two days in Gatineau, Que., participating in a national policy forum hosted by the AFN.

“A lot of the chiefs want to either reject the implementation or look at a different process based on us leading it,” he said.

To read the full article, see ;imk below:

Thursday, 01 September 2016 11:45

Council Election Results

Here is our our Elected Council:

Congratulations on our re-elected council Daniel Wildcat and Dennis Whitebear, and our newly elected council Cheryl Montour and Ryan Ermineskin!

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You can view videos of their speeches at the Candidate Forum from Aug. 29th, 2016.

View video on Facebook click here:

to watch them on Youtube click here:


We would also like to acknowledge the work and commitment put forth, and thank the previous council Brian Lee and Gordon Minde.

For Immediate Release 

Maskwacîs Nêhîyawêwin Now is the Official Language
Maskwacis, Alberta – June 22, 2016
With loud thunder rolling, lightning flashing and rain pouring down outside of the Maskwacis Cultural College tipi situated at the Ermineskin Cree Nation’s Maskwacis Park,  a  circle  of  Elders  and  Leaders  sat  quietly  as  the  Chiefs  spoke  having  just  completed the sacred Pipe Ceremony held for the signing of the Maskwacis Nehiyawewin  Declaration.    An  observation  by  those  participating  was  one  could  feel the ancestors dancing for Thunderbirds were so loud, the lightning flashed brightly across the sky with the rain signifying their tears of joy for the action being taken  –  making  Nehiyawewin  (Cree)  the  first  and  Official  language  of  Maskwacis  territory.
Dr.  Wilton  Littlechild,  International  Chief  stood  before  those  in  the  tipi;  “I  was  deeply honored to present your Declaration and Resolution to the United Nations in May. You may not fully realize the impact you have made with this step of not only reclaiming  but  declaring  Cree  the  official  language  for  our  territory for  it  has  now  gone around the world. Other Indigenous peoples are feeling empowered to follow your lead.” He stated that the Secretary General of the United Nations reported not long ago that every two weeks an Indigenous language dies in the world.
Chief  Littlechild  spoke  about  his  personal  experience  of  actually  seeing  an  Indigenous language die – he was attending an international gathering of Indigenous peoples and as is custom, an Elder was asked to give the invocation. The Elder stood and said he would pray in his language but before doing so he told the group that he was the last of his peoples who still had his Indigenous language; he said  once  he  leaves,  the  language  would  no  longer  exist.    Chief  Littlechild  said  a  couple weeks later he received word that Elder had passed on and it hit him so hard because in that moment he realized he personally saw a language die.
Chief Buffalo of the Samson Cree Nation stood and in part said “Our language will not die, it won’t die because of what we are doing here today – this ceremony, this declaration – we will never allow our language to die. We will never allow another society to forbid us what is rightfully ours, given to us by our Creator and that is our language our culture and our traditions.”
Leaving  the  tipi,  the  leaders  moved  to  the  Panee  Agriplex  where  the  signing  ceremony was witnessed by a large number of community members. Elder Mary Moonias address the gathering in Cree “it is good we are making this declaration, for our  children  and  those  who  will  be  coming  –  they  will  have  the  spirit  of  our  ancestors in them and they will be proud to be Cree.
Elder  Marvin  Littlechild  stood  and  apologized  “I  want  to  say  I  am  sorry,  I  am  so sorry that I did not teach my children our language” his voice full of emotions for he was sincere with his words. He is an Indian Residential School survivor, an era in this  country’s  history  where  children  were  not  only  forbidden  to  speak  their  Indigenous languages but where punished severely if they did so. His words hit the hearts of so many who had gathered. 

The Chiefs and Councils of the Samson Cree Nation, Ermineskin Cree Nation, Louis Bull  and  Montana  Cree  Nation  adopted  by  Resolution  the  language  declaration  on  May 04, 2016. The date of June 21st was selected to hold the official signing ceremonies as the first full day of the Summer Solstice; a time for growth and it is with  prayers  that  the  language  of  the  Maskwacis  Cree  will  grow  for  many  generations to come.
The  Government  of  the  Northwest  Territories  had  adopted  the  Indigenous  languages of the NWT as Official Languages, would the Government of Alberta now consider  following  their  lead  and  not  only  recognize  but  officially  acclaim  the  Indigenous languages of the Cree, the Blackfeet, the Dene and the Nakota peoples? This  would  be  a  bold  move  but  one  truly  a  step  forward  to  reconciliation  and  relationship with the First Nations.
Congratulations to the Maskwacis Cree peoples!
For more information, contact:
Bobbi Herrera, MBA
Director of College Advancement
Maskwacis Cultural College
(780) 585-­‐3925 Extension 229
Photo Credit: Christa Ermineskin

You can also view the Windspeakers article on the Language Declaration

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