Food Bank

Department Information:

Location: Food Bank Building (Beside N.E.P. Shop)

Hours of Operation: Varies on a month to month basis;
please see the calendar below.


The Ermineskin Food Bank is committed to providing nutritional support to residents of Neyaskweyahk who are in basic need. We work closely with surrounding programs to ensure non-duplication of services while promoting access to employment and/or training opportunities that will assist our clients in their journey to self-sufficiency. Clients wishing to access the Food Bank will be accepted by APPOINTMENT ONLY. After confirmation of eligibility, clients will receive a 4-day supply of food items in accordance with the confirmed number of residents per household. Clients are required to provide ID and proof of residency atleast once per year or when any household changes occur. In order to promote client accountability through sound budgeting practices, the Food Bank is not open to ANY clients for two(2) days following the issuance of Family Allowance or Social Assistance OR Per Capita Distribution and currently abides by the 63-hour bi-weekly business hours as per the Ermineskin Cree Nation policies. Please see our monthly calendar for hamper pick-up schedules and feel free to give us a call for information on eligibility and/or donations.

Donation Inquiry:

We ask that you donate items that you would use in your own household, and feed to your own families.
Want to donate to the Local Food Bank? Don't know what you can donate? Below is a listing of items that the ECN Foodbank will Accept! Reminder to please check the expiry dates and that the items are UN-OPENED. We will not accept any items that are past their expiry date or have already been opened.


* Unfortunately, we do not take ANY clothing donations. Ay hay.

Dry / Pantry Items:

  • Flour
  • Un-Opened Cooking Oils
  • Quick Oats / Porridge
  • Juice Crystals
  • Granola Bars / Un-Opened Cookies
  • Pancake / Cake Mix
  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Un-Opened Cereal
  • Pastas (KD, macaroni, spaghetti, penne, shells, etc.)