COVID-19 ECN Updates


Ermineskin Timeline

“We would like to assure our citizens it is our top priority that the protection of our most vulnerable populations; which this includes our children, Elders and as well as those that have with underlying health issues” -Chief Makinaw

Ongoing – The Emergency Operations Committee continues to actively coordinate and implement the Emergency Management Plan. They have been conducting daily briefings which includes regular contact with Indian Affairs and the Alberta Management Agency. Greg Minde is the Ermineskin Director of Emergency Management participates in the Maskwacis EOC briefings daily; and updates our Ermineskin EOC team. Rest Assured, we are actively engaged in coordinating the emergency management for our nation.

March 16, 2020 – ECN leadership activated the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in response to the Level 4 Category Risk as identified by Alberta Health Services; this included enacting the EOC committee as a responsive team. The EOC Committee consists of ECN Program Directors inclusive of NGCI, Children’s Services, MHS, Maskwacis Ambulance, MESC and RCMP. Greg Minde is the Director and point lead to oversee the Ermineskin Emergency Operations Centre Team.

March 11, 2020 – ECN department directors and managers underwent First Nations Emergency Management Training Certification.

Ermineskin Cree Nation Prepares for COVID-19 Pandemic


Ermineskin Cree Nation has taken the following precautions and measures that have since been implemented:

  • Most ECN Programs and Services have closed or are now working from home to ensure the safety of our employees and citizens, with the exception of essential services Administration is open with adjusted hours: Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m
  • Essential Services in areas such as Health, Fire, Police, Finance, Housing, Food Bank, Water Delivery and Garbage pickup will operate as needed. Housing service calls will be limited to ONLY those regarding no heat, no water, and sewer back up issues.
  • Food Bank Services now require appointments as no walk-in will be accepted.
  • Our citizens were given distribution to help them to obtain supplies, and food as needed for their families
  • Elders were provided with Elders relief assistance (for 60 and older)
  • External organizations such as local businesses have also implemented their safety and risk management plans to integrate pandemic preparedness to COVID-19
  • Public facilities have been closed and ALL public events have been cancelled.
  • For safety measures, disinfection and sanitization of ECN facilities has been made a priority
  • ECN Hunters were deployed to harvest and gather meat for our Elders and families in need

Maskwacis Health Services

“The Mission of Maskwacis Health Services is to improve and provide quality holistic health programs and services to the Maskwacis Peoples. Maskwacis Health Services will provide the highest quality, comprehensive health care delivery system for all the members of the Maskwacis Peoples.

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