Chief and Council

Vision Statement

Ermineskin Cree Nation is united, strong, healthy and sovereign.

Mission Statement

To promote, practice, and protect Neyihiyaw Pimatisiwin, Language and Treaties that foster self-reliance, a safe Nation with a diverse economy.

Value Statements

- Respect

We acknowledge and recognize the important roles of leaders, members, staff and Elders who work for the betterment of our community.

- Honest

We will keep our word, be truthful with everyone and live up to the traditional laws and values of the Ermineskin Cree Nation.

- Accountable

We assure that our conduct and communications shall be above reproach and of an exemplary nature that will reflect favourably on the Ermineskin Cree Nation Council and membership.

- Fair

We are fair and just, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Administration Staff:

Administrator: Geraldine Hill

Chief's Secretary: Rachael Lee

Administration/ Executive Assistant: Fran Minde

Council Secretariat Coordinator: Esther Crane

Council Secretariat Assistant/Mail Clerk: Roxanne Morin

Research Technician/Community Service & Wellness Interim Director: Maureen Wildcat

Strategic Planning Manager: Tamara Wildcat

Events Coordinator: Elvin Wolfe

Community Wellness Coordinator: Gordon Minde