Assisted Living

Ermineskin Assisted
Daily Living Program

Vision Statement:

We are caring, strong, compassionate and willing to help and go beyond expectations.

Mission Statement:

To assist our clients to live in their own homes as long as it is practical and in the best interest of the client and their families.

Ermineskin Assisted Daily Living is committed to our client’s health and safety issues.
We strive to advocate for client’s services and keeping it in a confidential matter.
We are devoted to caring for our clients with daily living needs with house cleaning and maintenance duties as well.

How does one become a client an the Assisted Daily Program?

A band member or person(s) living on Ermineskin Cree Nation must be referred by their medical doctor or from registered nurse located at Maskwacis Health home care department.

How does one apply to be in the Assisted Daily living Program?
  • Fill out the application form
  • Bring in a picture identification, Social Insurance Card, Alberta Healthcare Card and a medical report from your doctor so the department can make copies
  • Bring in your tax assessment form
  • Bring in a copy of your B & D form if you are on Social Assistance
  • If you are under AISH program, bring in your stub
  • After all paperwork is submitted the Assisted Daily Living Programmer and certified social worker will do a home visit to complete the INAC client assessment form
  • Once the assessment is complete, all the information will be sent to INAC office for approval or the decision can be made at the discretion of the Assisted Daily Living Programmer
The services provided under the Assisted Daily Living Program are INAC requirements:
  • Light house cleaning
  • In-home laundry
  • Transportation for grocery and banking needs
  • Maintenance for now shovelling ramps and walkways

The program also provides meals on wheels once a week and Good Food Bag Program once a month. Also, we provide washing walls, windows, cupboards, oven and fridge cleaning once every six months

The services NOT provided under the Assisted Daily Living Program are in accordance with INAC policies:
  • Cleaning for basements or garages
  • Shovelling or Clearing snow off the roofs
  • Cleaning after other occupants or house hold pets

We DO NOT provide transportation to other people who are not in the program.
We DO NOT provide personal hygiene for the client. Example; bathing or dressing/changing